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Conference Board Review:
Restoring Quality: Subir Chowdhury implores America to change its mindset
Business Week hails Chowdhury as The Quality Prophet
Author and consultant Subir Chowdhury shares insights about quality living—both in business and at home.
Quality: Competitive Advantage for the Global Leadership
Subir Chowdhury delivered a thought provoking keynote address on acquiring quality as a competitive advantage for the global leadership at the 35th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia.
Perhaps the best management book of the year
The Ice Cream Maker, the latest fare from quality expert Subir Chowdhury, looks destined to be a management classic on the lines of Fish and Who Moved My Cheese. … No jargon, no number crunching, just 115 pages of light reading. And you have perhaps the best management book of the year.
Offers up a big serving of business education
This little book, The Ice Cream Maker, offers up a big serving of business education. Through an effective storyline, the author communicates how to produce real results in the customer service and manufacturing industry.
Falling back on a fable
You can bet on one thing: this book will outsell his earlier one, The Power of Six Sigma.
Driving today’s Quality world
ASI Chairman and CEO Subir Chowdhury featured in the cover story “Who’s Driving Quality Today?”

Sundae Innovation 
The Ice Cream Maker explains that while Americans have cornered the market on innovation, they lack in quality consistency,” tells Quality Digest about The Ice Cream Maker.

It stands out for its engaging and simple approach
What makes Subir Chowdhury’s The Power of Six Sigma stand out is its engaging and simple approach intended for a broad audience.

The Ice Cream Maker highlights importance of quality in all work
This is a book I have given to people on my staff and we will be using to implement some changes in the future. Pick it up and learn.

A powerful new blueprint for recognizing, rewarding and making most of talent
World-renowned quality strategist Subir Chowdhury presents a powerful new blueprint for recognizing talent, rewarding it, and making the most of it.
Quality is cheaper…than good enough
Chowdhury, an internationally known management and quality consultant, drives home the important point of building and providing quality in every aspect of the organizational culture to establish and retain a position in the global market.
Learn how to use those genes
Subir Chowdhury, author of a few Six Sigma books, has written the perfect primer for people that need a refresher course or are merely wondering why their business seems to be stagnating.
Diversity as opportunity
“This is a must for your bookshelf”, opines R Gopalakrishnan – Executive Director, Tata Sons on Organization 21C
Distilling the Wisdom of Gurus
An unknown Indian gets the world’s foremost management thinkers to predict the future
The dream manager’s mentality – inspiring, amiable and ‘peoplistic’
Subir Chowdhury has brought together 26 top management thinkers in a collection of pieces designed to elucidate from where the management trends of the 21st century will come.
Getting it right 99.99966% of the time
Magazine’s Editor-in-chief talks about Subir Chowdhury’s The Power of Six Sigma.
Go get a couple of dozen of Chowdhury’s books and serve them around to the team
You’ll all remember a bygone era when total quality management (TQM) and related concepts were all the rage.

21 voices for the 21st Century
That progression of words says a lot about how quality will be practiced in the 21st century. At least that is one of the conclusions that can be drawn from the observations of the 21 voices of quality that the editors of this magazine have selected to mark the beginning of the 21st century.

Management 21C: Serious talk of revolution
The theme of the articles contributed to Chowdhury’s book,Management 21C, by many leading management thinkers that there is a revolution going on in the corporate world and those who do not take in what is happening around them are headed for the metaphorical guillotine.
Prevention is the Cure
Design for Six Sigma says, “Let’s build in Quality from the Start.”
It shows how international business giants have successfully put the system to work
The Mahalanobis-Taguchi system is a philosophy that has been reshaping Japanese industry since its inception.
It set the scene for a more dynamic future business world
The book did, however, set the scene for a more dynamic future business world.
It offers the reader a simple, 10-step framework for designing registration drives.
Co-authors and editors Chowdhury and Zimmer have compiled one of the most useful guides to QS-9000 yet published.
The style of this book makes it easily digestible
The style of this book makes it easily digestible – but the concept of six sigma, and this underlying message about its application, comes through clearly.
This book will help us all
This book will help us all — and in the process, help our respective companies achieve the goals only Six Sigma can help us reach.
It shows managers exactly how to measure Return on Talent (ROT)
Chowdhury reveals the seven key secrets of talent, then shows managers exactly how to measure Return on Talent (ROT) – and exactly how to enhance it.
Leaves managers enlightened and encouraged by the possibilities of the future
Subir Chowdhury offers a roadmap for managers covering all pertinent stops for the organization of the 21st century — leadership, process, people, and organization.
Explains the overall philosophy of Six Sigma effectively in a non-threatening way
Contrary to other books on the subject, The Power of Six Sigma explains the overall philosophy of Six Sigma effectively in a non-threatening way, quickly. This audio book succeeds at delivering a clear message.

A memorable parable about quality
In The Ice Cream Maker, Chowdhury provides a memorable parable about quality, excellence, and ice cream.

New strategies from tomorrow’s thought leaders
Under the leadership of Subir Chowdhury, a top business thinker, international next generation thinkers discuss every aspect of business and lay the groundwork for the key business concepts of tomorrow.
American Information Resource Centers In India
The Role of Listening in Six Sigma Quality Management Systems
Written at approximately a high school reading level, Subir Chowdhury’s The Power of Six Sigma takes a complex subject and renders it simple, in a mere 124 and a half pages.
Distinguished Alumni Award – Subir Chowdhury
Subir Chowdhury, a 1993 graduate of CMU’s College of Science and Technology, has made significant contributions to the manufacturing industry through his work in quality engineering and management.
Lead the Way
Searching for the path of the true leader? Look no further. Let us show you how to get there.
A compelling, eye-opening guide
For managers and executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs, The Ice Cream Maker is a compelling, eye-opening guide to the most effective ways to achieve excellence and become industry leaders on the global stage.
The 2005 Firefighter Safety Challenge
Chowdhury goes on to state that Six Sigma is focused on eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework and that anyone and everyone can focus on making fewer mistakes. These words also ring true for the fire service.
Subir Chowdhury of ASI was elected into the World Hall of Fame
Subir Chowdhury, Chairman and CEO, American Suppliers Institute Consulting Group, LLC, was elected into the World Level of the Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology, HOFEST.
Design For Six Sigma: A revolutionary five-step process
For the first time, leading quality expert and author Subir Chowdhury presents Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), a revolutionary five-step process that takes a company all the way to Six Sigma.
SME Honors Subir Chowdhury for Outstanding Achievements
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the world’s leading professional society supporting manufacturing education, announced the SME International Honor Award recipients.
Awesome. What a great introduction to Six Sigma
Using the style of business fable and the framework of a conversation between friends, Subir Chowdhury explains the thinking behind Six Sigma in a way that inspires you to want to put it into practice in your own workplace.

Subir Chowdhury is First-Ever Winner of Prestigious Crosby Medal
The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has awarded its first-ever Philip B. Crosby Medal to Subir Chowdhury, author of The Power of Six Sigma: An Inspirational Tale of How Six Sigma Is Transforming the Way We Work.

An absorbing storyline, interesting characters, and a conversational, yet concise style
The book provides the essence of Six Sigma related over a pizza lunch with a “to be continued” ending. I’m looking forward to the sequel.
Bringing together world’s leading management thinkers
Brings together wholly original thinking by many of the world’s leading management thinkers, offering unprecedented insight into what organizations and management will look like in the 21st century.
Senior managers will ignore this thought-provoking collection of essays at their peril
The only thing we can say with any certainty about management in 20 years time is that it will be substantially different from today. The question is, of course, how will it be different? And how can we gain competitive edge by adopting the right new techniques before every one else does?
Chowdhury to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Michigan Technological University
Author and quality strategist Subir Chowdhury will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering by Michigan Technological University at its spring commencement ceremonies
Cute, interesting style, and packed a huge lesson into the parable
I was taking a break from watching football today, and decided to pick up the book The Ice Cream Maker by Subir Chowdhury for a few minutes. It’s a little over 100 pages, and I figured I could read a few pages between watching the Chargers and Raiders.
Phil Gerbyshak’s blog
Chowdhury’s narrative style effectively delivers the message
The basic concepts of Six Sigma-a seemingly dry statistical measurement that allows only three to four defects per million products-is presented here in a way that makes it accessible and relevant.
Enjoy Chowdhury’s “The Power of Six Sigma
Subir Chowdhury has created an entertaining parable used to infuse his audience with the business philosophy that is Six Sigma. His book, The Power of Six Sigma, achieves the goal of educating through a plausible lunch conversation between old friends who share contrasting career histories.
The Consultant’s Role
Consultants can’t always offer their services at a price small companies can afford, says Subir Chowdhury, chairman and CEO of American Supplier Institute Consulting Group and best-selling author of The Power of Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.


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