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Subir Chowdhury has served in many different leadership positions and has been recognized by many professional societies including SAE International, SME, ASQ, AIAG, etc. Some of his honors are:

  • Honorary Member, the World Innovation Foundation (WIF). The WIF has 1,976 elected members and fellows. Only 187 are Honorary Members and include Nobel Prize Winners for Peace, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Economics.  Honorary membership is the Foundation’s highest award given to an individual.
  • Honorary Member, ITI (International Technology Institute)
  • Fellow, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International
  • Fellow, American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Fellow, SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
  • Fellow, Royal Statistical Society in United Kingdom
  • Fellow, Quality Society for Australasia
  • Fellow, Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD)
  • Chairman, ASQ Automotive Division (1999-2000)

Professional societies and associations as well as business and engineering schools throughout the world have utilized Subir’s contributions in numerous books, articles, technical papers, and conference presentations.


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